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      U CJ Fund -transfer unrestricted reserve to General Fund [1]
      Unemployment camp. - educational institutions - non-professional employees [1]
      Uniform Construction Code - amends - prohibits sale of items that would violate code [1]
      Uniform Construction Code -require all new buildings to conform [1]
      Uniform Construction Codeprivate inspection agency fees Com munity Affairs may establish [1]
      Uniform Nonpartisan Elections Law- commissioner begin term 1 week after election [1]
      Urban renewaI Corporations and nonprofit corp--annual service charge for municipal services not to be capitalized for county tax purposes [1]
      Vehicles - dimension and weight limitations--various amendments [1]
      Veterinary medicine -updates statutes [1]
      Violent Crimes Compensation Board -management of royalties and fees paid to accused or convicted criminals [1]
      Violent Crimes Compensation Board-<ompensate when offender is relative of victim [1]
      Volunteer associations receiving local government support--annual audits--submit to chief financial official [1]
      Volunteer fire company immunity extended to drills [1]
      War Memorial Commission--Validate certain transfers of land titles and interests [1]
      Waste treatment systems-allows use of alternate methods if approved by loca1 Boards of Health [1]
      Water Fowl Stamp Act -procedures [1]
      Water Supply and Wastewater operators licensing act [1]
      Water, sewage or utilities authorities -establishes deferred co mpensation plan [1]
      Water--private sellers--require periodic testing for hazardous contaminents [1]
      Weapons-prohibits smuggling into mental health centers [1]