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      Official advertising-rates-change [1]
      Owner of building -defines to include condominum associations, housing, cooperatives and mobile home parks [1]
      P & FRS -veterans-purchase up to 5 years credit for military service [1]
      P.O.W. license plates--eliminates $15.00 cost [1]
      PAA -Limit repayment for recipients who become ineligible due to social security cost of living increases [1]
      PAA program -Iimit State's right ot recovery fro m decedent's estate [1]
      Parimutual pool -provides for distribution at horse race meetings [1]
      Parking authority-allows certain municipalities to expand [1]
      Parking violators -unpaid fines -allow contracts with private collection agencies [1]
      Parole hearings and pre-parole reports -allow statements by crime victims or their families [1]
      Passaic Valley Water Com mission-increased interest on late charge [1]
      Pathological intoxication -in criminal trialdefendent must prove by preponderance of evidence [1]
      Pensions -certain elected public officiaIs -establish terms of retirement under PERS [1]
      Pensions -school employees -first class counties various amendments [1]
      Pharmacies -employees involved in dispensing narcotics -permit lie detector tests as condition of employ ment [1]
      Physical therapy-therapists may work for dentists [1]
      Physicians, health care facilities, Insurance companies -disciplinary proceedings and malpractice judgments -reporting requirements [1]
      Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act --increase application fees [1]
      Podiatrists-use of certain health care facilities [1]
      Police dogs and horses--unlawful to injure animal or interfere with performance of duty [1]