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      Damage to agriculturaI or horticultural lands--minimum penalties [1]
      Dead bodies -cremation require 2 day waiting period and a medical examiners certificate [1]
      Dead bodies -regulates use and disposition [1]
      Deaf and hearing impaired-provide interpreters for official proceedings [1]
      Death by auto - under the influence of liquor or drugs mandatory prison or community service sentence - 120 days [1]
      Death penalty -lethal injection procedures [1]
      Death-determination made by registered professionaI nurse [1]
      Deeds-attorney's name must appear on first page [1]
      Delaware River Basin Commission-bonds-remove 8% interest rate ceiling [1]
      Dental examinationsgraduates of unapproved schools-require study at approved school [1]
      Dental plan organizations -regulates finders and consultants [1]
      Dental plans -allow employee to choose dentist -under "Dental plan organization act" [1]
      Dental plans-allow employee to choose dentist -under health insurance [1]
      Dental plans-allows employee to choose dentist -under health insurance dental benefits plans [1]
      Dental plans-anow employee to choose dentist -under Dental Service Corporation Act [1]
      Dentures--identification [1]
      Dept. of Insurance -increase certain fees [1]
      Developmentally disabled persons in community residential facilities--protection for certain transferees [1]
      Disabled person -workers comp payment -offset under Federal ASDI [1]
      Div. of Unemployment and Disability Insurance--require acceptance of disability certificates from licensed optometrists [1]