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      Safe Dam Act [1]
      Sales tax--boats &aircraft--exempt sales to non-residents [1]
      Sales tax--commercial vessels--exempt sales and repairs [1]
      Sanitary Landfill facility--user fees [1]
      Sanitary landfills--prohibit operation of private operations prior to tariff approval by Board of Public Utilities [1]
      Saving & loan Act--amendments concerning conduct of business, mergers, etc. [1]
      Savings & Loan Act--various amendments [1]
      Savings Banks--reserve levels-allow Commissioner of Banking to examine levels set by Federal Reserve Board [1]
      Savings and Loan Association reserves same as Federal Insurance Reserve [1]
      Savings and Loan Associations--secondary mortgage loans--permit issuance [1]
      Savings and loan associations-�-State chartered--application procedure for branch offices [1]
      Savings banks and credit unions--permit investment in foreign development bonds and international bank obligations [1]
      Savings banks--exercise same powers as Federal Mutual savings banks) [1]
      Scholarships--children of civil defense workers & certain law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty [1]
      School audit--annual--allow 1-month extension for completion [1]
      School board member--prohibit municipal office [1]
      School children--transportation to and from acticities--authorize use of certain private vehicles [1]
      School crossing guards--appointment [1]
      School district & public authority bonds--interest--eliminate 6% limitation [1]
      School elections--polling places--allow use of nonpublic buildings [1]