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      N.J. Gifts to Minors Act--confomJ. to changes in Uniform Gifts to Minors Act [1]
      Name change--require complaint to contain statement of crimes of which applicant has been convicted [1]
      National Guard Military Museum--recipient of any military weapons forfeited to State pending disposition of criminal proceeding [1]
      New Jersey Transit--retain tax exemption for certain property [1]
      Newborn infants--biochemical disorder--require certain tests [1]
      Non-member banks--reserve levels --allow Commissioner of Banking to examine levels set by Federal Reserve Board [1]
      Notary Public--prohibit person convicted of serious crime from becoming [1]
      Open Public Meetings Act--include only those public bodies created by statutory law--exclude Approtionment Commission [1]
      Optical scanners for blind--appropriate $160,000 [1]
      Optional County Charter Law--require distribution of ordinances and resolutions to municipalities upon request [1]
      Optional Municipal Charter Law--amendments [1]
      P & FRS nember--election to public office--maintain membership in system [1]
      P&FRS--allow intertransferability with any State pension plan [1]
      P&FRS--allow pension loans to police & firemen over age 55 [1]
      P&FRS--extend to certaln fire fIghters In state departments [1]
      P.O.W. 's--Special MV license plates [1]
      PERS -County and municipal employees--allow purchase of credits for previous county service [1]
      PERS benefits--certain elected officials [1]
      PERS loans--member may borrow up to age 65 [1]
      Palisades Interstate Park Commission--chief of po1ice--provide for appointment [1]