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      MV drivers license--permit revocation if vehicle was used during commission of crime [1]
      MV learner's permit--handicapped driver--special 9 month permit [1]
      MV license plates--require reflectorized [1]
      Marriage license publications--revise [1]
      Marriage licenses--increase fees--use revenues to support shelters for victims of domestic violence [1]
      Medical Society--House of Delegates-permit representatives from specialty societies and other associations [1]
      Mine safety section chief--changes required experience [1]
      Minoris estate--prohibit using funds for child's support in most cases [1]
      Minors --allow empLoyment in dinner theater productions though establishment serves aLcohoLic beverages [1]
      Mobile home parks--eviction--require 18 months advance notice [1]
      Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Act -broadens guaranty coverage [1]
      Mortgage bankers, brokers, solicitors--licensing [1]
      Motion picture productions--child labor--permit certain employment [1]
      Motor Fuels Tax--change dates for filing and payment [1]
      Motor vehicles--driving while on revoked list--municipal judge may extend suspension [1]
      Motorized bicycles--drunk driving--prohibit [1]
      Muncipalities--use block grant funds under "Safe and ,Clean Neighborhood Act" for police officers [1]
      Municipal Port Authorities --same rights as parking authorities [1]
      Municipal and county sewerageauthorites--allows hiring without regard to title eleven (Civil Service) [1]
      Municipal appropriations-increase amount for adjoining fire districts [1]