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      Income tax credit for those eligible for refund for contributions toward unemployment & temporary dtsability insurance [1]
      Increases Atlantic City Sales & Services Tax to be used for redevelopment projects [1]
      Increases membership of Violent Crimes Compensation Board -creates special Senior Citizens Unit [1]
      Installment loans--increase allowable interest rate [1]
      Insurance brokers--restore unearned commissions [1]
      Insurance companies -out-of-state--additional prepayment of taxes [1]
      Insurance companies--taxes--establish March 1, filing date for all taxes [1]
      Insurance underwriting association--Board of Directors--additional public members [1]
      Insurance--surplus lines--various amendments [1]
      Interest rate of 6%--eliminated on certain local borrowing [1]
      Intermunicipal courts--disposition of fines, costs and forfeitures of bail [1]
      Invalid coach service--medicaid recipients--regulate [1]
      Judges salary increase [1]
      Junior firemen's auxiliaries--permit member to engage in certain activities that violate child labor laws [1]
      Jurisdiction over juvenile pedestrian, bicycle & motor bike cases from juvenile to municipal court [1]
      LandLords--Registration-faiLure to fiLe--MunicipaL [1]
      Landlord & tenant --defines rights under relocation assistance law [1]
      Landlord-registration & disclosure of certain information [1]
      Landlords--Refusal to rent--prohibit discrimination against tenants with young children or because of objections to lawful sources of income [1]
      Law Enforcement Planning Agency--legislative appointments [1]