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      Handicapped and blind --establishes a commodities and service council [1]
      Handicapped--Parking spaces--enforcement [1]
      Handicapped--motor vehicle ID cards--to be issued by Div.of Motor Vehlcles [1]
      Harness race meetings--disposition of oari-mutual pools [1]
      Hazardous Waste Health Care Task Force--appropriation [1]
      Health care facilities--private construction-permit municipal appropriations [1]
      Hearing impaired students --Commissioner of Education to appoint 4 regional consultants [1]
      Hereditary Disorders Act --establishes programs [1]
      Higher Education Assistance Authority-enable parents of students to participate in Federal student loan program [1]
      Highways -local -repairs -allow speed limit reduction without approval of Commissioner of Transportation [1]
      Hold harmless agreements --certain void and unenforceable [1]
      Home Improvement Tax Cut Act--allows municipalities to abate taxes for home improvements [1]
      Home improvements--property tax exemption--up to $15,000 [1]
      Horse racing--N.J. bred races & awards [1]
      Hospital insurance benefits for certain disabled persons [1]
      Hotel occupancy tax - permit - in certain municipalities [1]
      Housing Finance Authority--membership & quorums [1]
      Housing projects--permits transfer from Urban Renewal Corp to non-profit housing corp--continue tax exempt status [1]
      Income tax credit for those eligible for refund for contributions toward unemployment & temporary dtsability insurance [1]
      Increases Atlantic City Sales & Services Tax to be used for redevelopment projects [1]