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      Economic Development Authority-shall undertake development of urban industrial parks [1]
      Economy in Goverment Loan Act-loans to local governments for certain services [1]
      Education of handicapped children between 3 & 5 [1]
      Election Law Enforcement Commission-financial reports--require identification of co-signers for loans [1]
      Election officers--require training in use of voting machines [1]
      Elections --primaries --Selection of persons to fill vacancies among candidates [1]
      Elections -1st class counties--allowable expenses--increase to $1.25 million [1]
      Elections--District Boards of Registry and Election--revise membership requirements [1]
      Elections--allow for non-partisan municipal elections on july 1 and allow for "run-offs." [1]
      Elections--councilmen under municipal manager form--drawing of lots for ballot positions [1]
      Eliminates election of certain municipal officers [1]
      Emergency Transportation Tax--conform law to recent NY income tax changes [1]
      Employee stock ownership plans Labor & Industry to study means of encouraging such plans [1]
      Employees Retirement system increase in survivors pension benefits in certain cities [1]
      Employment discrimination--atypical hereditary, cellular or blood trait - prohibit [1]
      Enforcing agents for Federal Mobile Home Construction Act--State qualifies [1]
      EnvironmentaL Dept. permitted to utiLize forfeited bonds to cover violations [1]
      Environmental Rights Act--increase allowable fees for attorneys and expert witnesses [1]
      Equal employment opportunity program--State government [1]
      Farm Winery License--increase allowable gallonage [1]