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      "Local Tax Authori zat ion Act" -extension [1]
      "Spill Compensation And Control Act" [1]
      A Supplement to the "Department of Community Affairs Demonstration Grant Law of 1967" [1]
      A Supplement to the "Judicial Retirement System Act" [1]
      ABC-extend PFRS membership to directors [1]
      Additional J & DR judges in certain counties [1]
      Advisory board membership [1]
      Alcoholic beverage control [1]
      Amend and supplement New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law [1]
      An Act concerning elections and amending [2]
      An Act concerning elections and amending R. S. 19 :31-18. [1]
      An Act concerning elections, amending R. S. 19 :23-45 and supplementing Title 19 of the Revised Statutes [1]
      An Act concerning the qualifications for appointment of certain employees in certain municipal departments of public safety [1]
      An Act to amend and supplement the "New Jersey Housing Finance Agency Law of I967" [1]
      An Act to amend the "Legislative Services Law (1954)" [1]
      An Act to repeal sections 54A :9-22 and 54A :9-23 of the "New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act" [1]
      An act authorizing Municipalities to acquire and retire alcoholic beverage retail consumption licenses in certain cases and to borrow money and increase annual license fees for retail consumption licenses to assist in financing acquisition of such licenses [1]
      An act concerning county prosecutors and assistant county prosecutors of certain counties and supplementing chapter 158 of Title 2A of the New Jersey Statutes" [1]
      An act concerning insurance relating to dependent coverages under group health and blanket insurance [1]
      An act concerning pension funds of employees of counties of the first class having a population of less than 800,000 [1]