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      "Kyleigh's law," requires holders of special learner's permits, examination permits, and provisional driver's licenses to display certain decals [1]
      "New Jersey Basic Skills Training Program for Economic Growth Act" [1]
      "New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act"; requires each four-year public institution of higher education to provide on its website certain information regarding its costs, faculty, and graduation rates [1]
      "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act." [1]
      "Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program Act" [1]
      "Ricci's Law;" revises ignition interlock device requirements for certain drunk driving [1]
      "The Solar Energy Advancement and Fair Competition Act" [1]
      "Tree Experts and Tree Care Operators Licensing Act" [1]
      ("New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act of 2009"; appropriates $15 million to "New Jersey Affordable Housing Trust Fund") [1]
      (Adjusts required local employer contributions to PERS and PFRS for State fiscal year 2009) [1]
      (Allows director of corporation to providenotice of resignation, which resignation is only effective upon occurrence of certain event) [1]
      (Allows officers of corporation to grant employees and officers of corporation shares of stock, rights or options) [1]
      (Authorizes BPU to use Retail Margin Fund monies to provide grants for combined heat and power production, energy efficiency projects and programs promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency; makes an appropriation) [1]
      (Authorizes EDA to develop and finance parking structures in certain urban and suburban areas) [1]
      (Authorizes counties and municipalities to acquire real property, and to resell or lease it with agricultural deed restrictions attached, for farmland preservation purposes) [1]
      (Authorizes creation ofnon-lapsing Attorney ID Card Program trust fund by counties) [1]
      (Authorizes interception of wire or electronic communications of suspected computer trespasser under certain circumstances) [1]
      (Caps bids municipalities may require for certain hotel liquor licenses) [1]
      (Clarifies that mandatory boat safety course must be taken by June 1, 2009) [1]
      (Concerns safety measures at health club swimming pools) [1]