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      Allows existing rural development areas zoned for industrial use under Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan to be included as eligible areas under certain business incentive programs [1]
      Allows use of rear view backup camera and parking sensors during road test. [1]
      Authorizes New Jersey Racing Commission to grant special horse racing permit for steeplechase races; allows wagering on such races [1]
      Authorizes Victims of Crime Compensation Office to make payment for relocation expenses of certain witnesses of crimes [1]
      Authorizes additional $90 million worth of Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program tax credits [1]
      Authorizes certain counties to establish county hospital authority; amends title of �Municipal Hospital Authority Law.� [1]
      Authorizes certain local government entities to adopt policies for payment of certain claims through use of standard electronic funds transfer technologies [1]
      Authorizes current and retired administrative law judges to solemnize marriages and civil unions [1]
      Authorizes medical marijuana for qualifying patients with post-traumatic stress disorder [1]
      Authorizes use of emergency reserve fund or proceeds from bonds issued by EDA to finance school security improvements [1]
      Changes submission and notice requirements for short-term and long-term financing for environmental infrastructure projects [1]
      Clarifies stadiums and arenas owned by local government entities are exempt from property taxation [1]
      Clarifies that product approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not required for drug manufacturer to file registration statement, and specifies timeframe by which DOH must review registration statements. [1]
      Concerns NJ Transit�s treatment of people with guide or service dogs; establishes Access Link Customer Service Group [1]
      Concerns calculation of net premiums on certain life insurance policies for purposes of certain DOBI assessments [1]
      Concerns electronic medical bills for workers� compensation claims [1]
      Concerns taxation of casino gaming property; redirects investment alternative tax proceeds; abolishes Atlantic City Alliance [1]
      Directs Attorney General to develop plan to disseminate Amber and Silver Alert information through social media [1]
      Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of student borrower�s death or total and permanent disability, and grant deferment for temporary total disability [1]
      Directs institutions of higher education and proprietary degree-granting institutions to provide Higher Education Student Assistance Authority with graduation and transfer rates of State tuition aid grant recipients [1]