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      Establishes three-year nonpublic school pupil transportation pilot program in Lakewood School District to provide funding to consortium of nonpublic schools that will assume responsibility for district�s mandated nonpublic school busing [1]
      Establishes �Small Business Bonding Readiness Assistance Program� in EDA to assist certain small businesses meet State or federal contract surety bond requirements [1]
      Exempts homeless from fee for non-driver identification cards [1]
      Exempts hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles from certain labeling requirements [1]
      Exempts intraoperative monitoring services, rendered during certain neurosurgical, neurological, and neuro-radiological surgical procedures, from physician self-referral restrictions [1]
      Exempts person who remediates property in environmental opportunity zone from remediation funding source requirement [1]
      Exempts veterans� organizations from nonprofit corporation annual report filing fee [1]
      Expands crime of invasion of privacy to include �upskirting�; photographing or filming the image of the undergarment-clad intimate parts of another [1]
      Extends expiration date of certain permits for one year in Superstorm Sandy-impacted counties [1]
      Facilitates coordination of land use planning between civilian and military interests to preserve viability of federal military installations within State [1]
      Imposes certain requirements on telephone service contracts for inmates in certain correctional facilities [1]
      Increases accidental death benefit to 70% of final compensation for surviving children of SPRS or PFRS member; redefines child in SPRS [1]
      Increases to under $15,000, from under $10,000, amount of permitted annual compensation paid to TPAF retiree reemployed as athletic coach by former school district within 180 days of retirement [1]
      Limits expulsions and suspensions for students in preschool through grade 2 with certain exceptions; requires early detection and prevention programs for behavioral issues in preschool through grade 2 [1]
      Modifies scope of �Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015� and enforcement of protective orders under that act [1]
      Permits DHS to request waiver of time limits for certain Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients under certain circumstances [1]
      Permits abandoned prescription medication to be re-dispensed up to one year after original preparation [1]
      Permits animal facilities to use artificial turf in outdoor enclosures [1]
      Permits authorities and local units operating water supply or sewerage facilities to waive, reduce or defer sewerage and water service fees for deployed military personnel [1]
      Permits certain public institutions of higher education to make purchases and contract for services as participating contracting units in cooperative pricing systems, and through use of nationally-recognized and accepted cooperative purchasing agreements [1]