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      Concerns calculation of net premiums on certain life insurance policies for purposes of certain DOBI assessments [1]
      Concerns electronic medical bills for workers� compensation claims [1]
      Concerns taxation of casino gaming property; redirects investment alternative tax proceeds; abolishes Atlantic City Alliance [1]
      Directs Attorney General to develop plan to disseminate Amber and Silver Alert information through social media [1]
      Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of student borrower�s death or total and permanent disability, and grant deferment for temporary total disability [1]
      Directs institutions of higher education and proprietary degree-granting institutions to provide Higher Education Student Assistance Authority with graduation and transfer rates of State tuition aid grant recipients [1]
      Enacts new "Uniform Interstate Family Support Act"; repeals previous uniform laws [1]
      Enhances protections for domestic violence victims by restricting access to firearms by certain persons; provides for minimum terms of incarceration for offenders who commit physically violent acts. [1]
      Ensures equal rights and opportunities for pregnant students in institutions of higher education [1]
      Enters NJ in Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact [1]
      Establishes Class Three special law enforcement officers to provide security in public and nonpublic schools, and county colleges [1]
      Establishes New Jersey Military Skills Council [1]
      Establishes Response to Intervention initiative in DOE to support and encourage school districts in implementation of Response to Intervention framework [1]
      Establishes law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery referral programs [1]
      Establishes permanent sterile syringe access program [1]
      Establishes position of State Oceanographer [1]
      Establishes three-year nonpublic school pupil transportation pilot program in Lakewood School District to provide funding to consortium of nonpublic schools that will assume responsibility for district�s mandated nonpublic school busing [1]
      Establishes �Small Business Bonding Readiness Assistance Program� in EDA to assist certain small businesses meet State or federal contract surety bond requirements [1]
      Exempts homeless from fee for non-driver identification cards [1]
      Exempts hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles from certain labeling requirements [1]