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      Modifies scope of �Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015� and enforcement of protective orders under that act [1]
      Permits DHS to request waiver of time limits for certain Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients under certain circumstances [1]
      Permits abandoned prescription medication to be re-dispensed up to one year after original preparation [1]
      Permits animal facilities to use artificial turf in outdoor enclosures [1]
      Permits authorities and local units operating water supply or sewerage facilities to waive, reduce or defer sewerage and water service fees for deployed military personnel [1]
      Permits certain public institutions of higher education to make purchases and contract for services as participating contracting units in cooperative pricing systems, and through use of nationally-recognized and accepted cooperative purchasing agreements [1]
      Permits homeless to receive certified copy of birth certificate without fee [1]
      Permits law enforcement agencies to buy firearms directly from manufacturers; clarifies permits and identification cards not required [1]
      Places two-year moratorium on moving date of Type II school district�s annual school election from day of general election in November back to third Tuesday in April; creates study commission [1]
      Prohibits investment of pension and annuity funds by State in companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses [1]
      Prohibits person whose driver�s license is suspended for DWI from operating NJT train [1]
      Prohibits possession and transport of parts and products of certain animals at PANYNJ airports and port facilities [1]
      Prohibits possession, transport, import, export, processing, sale, or shipment of parts and products of certain animal species threatened with extinction [1]
      Provides diamondback terrapins protection as nongame indigenous species [1]
      Provides that certain corporations bidding for public contracts may submit federal Securities and Exchange Commission filings to comply with requirement to disclose certain interest holders; requires submission by limited liability companies [1]
      Regulates autocycles as motorcycles [1]
      Requires Commissioner of DCA to promulgate rules and regulations providing for veterans� affordable housing assistance preference [1]
      Requires DHS to develop timeline for use by individuals with developmental disabilities to gain benefit of State and federalprograms; requires posting timeline on DHS, DCF, and DOE websites [1]
      Requires DLPS to establish and make available to law enforcement agencies cultural diversity training materials and online tutorial [1]
      Requires DMVA to create registry for organizations providing services to veterans [1]