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      "Let Them Be Little Act"; provides for screening newborn infants for MPS I and MPS II [1]
      Adjusts and clarifies certain State tax compliance standards and restricts certain State tax benefits [1]
      Allows charitable assets set aside from the sale of a nonprofit hospital to a for-profit entity to be allocated to a successor nonprofit hospital acquiring the for-profit hospital [1]
      Allows contributions to "New Jersey Farm to School Program" [1]
      Allows corporations to indemnify corporate agents without approval from board of directors [1]
      Allows gross income taxpayers to use their gross income tax returns to make voluntary contributions to ALS Association for services to New Jersey residents [1]
      Allows person to request voluntary exclusion from gaming activities without acknowledging being problem gambler [1]
      Allows reemployment by school district of TPAF retiree as coach of athletic activity when compensation is under $10,000 [1]
      Allows school districts and requires public colleges to enter into dual enrollment agreements to provide college-level instruction to high school students through courses offered on college or high school campuses [1]
      Authorizes fine for failure to maintain certain vacant properties; requires out--of-state creditors to designate in-State representative [1]
      Authorizes municipalities to impose penalties on creditors that fail to timely remedy code violations of certain properties in forelosure [1]
      Authorizes special Alpha Kappa Alpha license plate [1]
      Clarifies that electronic funds transfers are included within the scope of the statute concerning issuing or passing bad checks [2]
      Concerns certain tobacco sales [1]
      Creates the option to make a voluntary contribution for the support of local libraries on gross income tax returns [1]
      Designates May of each year "Military Appreciation Month" in New Jersey [1]
      Designates New Jersey Big Data Alliance as State's advanced cyberinfrastructure consortium [1]
      Designates portions of Route 24 [1]
      Directs the Dept. of Agriculture to establish a clearinghouse website for farmers to offer produce and dairy products for school breakfast programs, school lunch programs, and food banks [1]
      Economic Opportunity Act of 2014, Part 3 [1]