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      "Access to Medical Research Act;" authorizes certain persons to give informed consent for medical research if subject of research is unable to give consent. [1]
      "Billy's Law"; requires DCF and DHS to establish regulations for out-of-State placements in residential schools and programs . [1]
      "Charity Care Fraud Prevention and Detection Act." [1]
      "Electronic Waste Recycling Act." [1]
      "Medicaid Program Integrity and Protection Act"; establishes Office of Medicaid Inspector General; appropriates $3 million. [1]
      "New Jersey Health Information Technology Act"; establishes New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission and Office for e-HIT, and provides for Statewide health information technology plan. * [1]
      "Nicole's Law;" permits victim of sex offense to obtain restraining order against offender. [1]
      "Patricia's Law;" model Missing Persons Legislation. [1]
      "Recycling Enhancement Act" [1]
      "Safe Patient Handling Act"; requires health care facilities to establish safe patient handling programs. [1]
      "The Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity and Firefighter Protection Act." [1]
      "Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act;" allows tax credits to certain businesses for certain capital investments in urban transit hubs. [1]
      "Violence Prevention in Health Care Facilities Act," requires certain health care entities to establish violence prevention programs to protect health care workers. [1]
      Abolishes battleship foundation and commission. [1]
      Adds four members to South Jersey Port Corporation. [1]
      Adds new causes of action for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. [1]
      Adopts Article 15 of Interstate Civil Defense and Disaster Compact. [1]
      Allows State banks to provide for staggered terms of directors in certificate of incorporation. [1]
      Allows certain nonprofits to apply directly to Division of Highway Traffic Safety for federal grants. [1]
      Allows certain public entities to join with State under certain circumstances for purchase of certain energy services for their facilities. [1]