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      Abolishes the Department of the Public Advocate and transfers certain functions, powers and duties [1]
      Adjust time periods for presumptions of abandonment, limits issuer imposed dormancy fees and provides for related administration for certain unclaimed property [1]
      Allows certain entities to submit emergency plans electronically [1]
      Allows certain organizations to file complaints with Council on Local Mandates in certain circumstances [1]
      Amends effective date of New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act [1]
      Amends motor fuel tax act to defer implementation for three months and make technical corrections [1]
      Authorizes any local unit to adopt an ordinance authorizing special emergency appropriations for the payment of contractually required severance liabilities, resulting from the layoff or retirement of employees, over five years [1]
      Authorizes any municipality outside Highlands Region to establish receiving zones for Highlands transfer of development rights program [1]
      Authorizes counties to develop community based deer management plans and apply for special deer management permits for county-owned lands [1]
      Authorizes director of board of freeholders to exercise veto power over proposed actions of county authorities [1]
      Authorizes formation of State college risk management groups and joint liability funds [1]
      Authorizes public providers of utility services to bill customers electronically upon customers request [1]
      Authorizes transfer of certain assets of State's public broadcasting system to an entity eligible to operate a public broadcasting system [1]
      Changes membership requirements of the Veterans' Services Council [1]
      Changes perimeter for bow and arrow hunting around occupied building [1]
      Changes references of "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability" and uses person-first language for persons with disabilities [1]
      Clarifies school district eligibility to receive State funding for special education evaluation services for children enrolled in New Jersey nonpublic school and living out-of-State [1]
      Clarifies that gang related incident offense report is to be forwarded to Superintendent of State Police for inclusion in Uniform Crime Report [1]
      Concerns certain taxes and assessments dedicated to the administrative costs of the DOBI [1]
      Concerns dispensation by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to a patient of drugs delivered to the eye through a contact lens [1]