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      "Blood Safety Act"--options [1]
      "Blood borne Disease Harm Reduction Act"; establishes demonstration program to permit operation of sterile syringe access programs; appropriates $10 million [1]
      "Building Authority Act"-State office buildings--construction or improvement [1]
      "CAP" Law--local--temporary exemption for certain insurance coverage [1]
      "Cap" law--municipal-exempt liability insurance costs [1]
      "Caps "--Municipal--exempt expenditures for utilities, oil, gasoline [1]
      "Caps" -Municipal -prescribe treatment for handling sale of assets [1]
      "Caps" law--county and municipal--exempt costs of complying with solid waste management orders [1]
      "Caps"--Municipal -treat urban aid funds as they were treated in 1980 calculations [1]
      "Caylee's Law;" upgrades penalties for failing to report a death; criminalizes failure to report disappearance of child within 24 hours [1]
      "Certified countv purchasing official"--establish standards for certification [1]
      "Charity Care Fraud Prevention and Detection Act." [1]
      "Child Abuse Awareness Month" [1]
      "Children's Sudden Cardiac Events Reporting Act." [1]
      "Christopher's Law;" makes it a crime for unlicensed driver to be involved in motor vehicle accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury. * [1]
      "Cigarette Sales Act; " facilitates collection of taxes on retail sales of cigarettes shipped from outside this State. [1]
      "Civil Service Act" [1]
      "Code of Criminal Justice" [1]
      "Code of Juvenile Justice" [1]
      "Community Action Agency Act" [1]