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      Tax closing agreements and compromises [1]
      The Banking Act of 1948 [2]
      The New Jersey Economic Development Authority Act [2]
      The New Jersey Highway Authority Act [1]
      The Passaic -Valley Sewerage District [1]
      The dissolution of certain sewerage authorities in certain instances [1]
      The jurisdiction of the division of small claims in county district courts [1]
      The promulgation and circulation of certain rules and regulations by State penal and correctional institutions [1]
      The regulation of the siolicitation and application of funds for certain organizations or associations of law enforcement officers [1]
      The residence of certain officers of counties and municipalities [1]
      The sale and conveyance of county lands to a municipality unclei" certain circumstances, supplementing the "Local Lands and Buildings Law," approved June 9, 1971 [1]
      To provide for exemption from taxation in certain cases [1]
      To provide for the creation, setting apart, maintenance and administration of a city employees' retirement system [1]
      To reconstitute the Divi:sion on Aging in the Department of Community Affairs, prescribing additional powers and duties of said division [1]
      Tolls statute of limitation for workmen's compensation [1]
      Unclassified positions in the Optional County Charter Law [1]
      Unit price disclosure act [1]
      Unsatisfied Claim and Judgment Fund Law [1]
      Use of investments held by eleemosynary funds [1]
      concerning notice to be given with respect to proposed�[spraying]�'treatment' or other action with respect to gipsy moth control [1]