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      A supplement to the "State Uniform Construction Code Act" [1]
      A supplement to the "Unincorporated Business Tax Act" [1]
      Abandoned Vessels Disposition Law [1]
      Absentee Voting Law (1953) [2]
      Act concerning the Passaic valley sewerage district and the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners [1]
      Act with respect to the right of an individual borrower to select his own attorney in certain mortgage loan transactions. [1]
      Agricultural Research, Development and Promotion Act of 1970 [1]
      All counties permitted to operate public transportation systems [1]
      Amends the Local Lands and Buildings Law [1]
      Amends the Optional County Charter Law [1]
      An Act concerning tax appeals [1]
      An act authorizing and empowering the Delaware River Port Authority [1]
      An act authorizing counties and municipalities to make appropriations for the care and treatment of certain emotionally maladjusted or physically undernourished children [1]
      An act authorizing governing bodies of counties and municipalities to make appropriations for community action programs [1]
      An act authorizing the Commissioner of Insurance to establish Special Joint Underwriting Associations prescribing the powers, duties and functions [1]
      An act authorizing the Commissioner of Transportation to establish a program to provide motor bus transportation services to senior citizens at reduced fares, and making an appropriation therefor [1]
      An act authorizing the State to (convey) lease riparian lands to municipalities in certain cases [1]
      An act authorizing the board of' chosen freeholders of any county in which a park commission shall not have been established to acquire land for use as a public golf course and other recreational facilities, and to improve, maintain, and operate the same [1]
      An act concerning "the practice of medicine and surgery" [1]
      An act concerning State aid to education [1]