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      Requires Dept. of Agriculture and DEP to adopt coordinated permit application and review program for aquaculture projects [1]
      Requires Dept. of Agriculture and DEP to work with US Army Corps of Engineers to establish joint permit application process for aquaculture projects [1]
      Requires NJ Clean Energy Program�s Residential New Construction incentives be made available Statewide [1]
      Requires NJT to hold public hearing and provide notice prior to any curtailment of certain bus and rail services [1]
      Requires Public Health Council to promulgate rules and regulations for use of quality control programs in bioanalytical and clinical laboratories [1]
      Requires State to pay its pension contributions on quarterly basis by September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30 of each year, beginning July 1, 2017 [1]
      Requires annual school security training for school employees to be conducted collaboratively with emergency responders; requires law enforcement officer to annually attend at least one school security drill [1]
      Requires certain school security measures to be incorporated in architectural design of new school construction and certain school security measures for existing buildings [1]
      Requires correctional facilities to provide inmates with prescription medication that was prescribed for chronic conditions existing prior to incarceration [1]
      Requires review of Core Curriculum Content Standards to ensure guidance for substance abuse instruction provided to public school students incorporates most recent evidence-based standards and practices [1]
      Revises State�s open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs; implements 2014 constitutional dedication of CBT revenues for certain environmental purposes [1]
      Revises definition of victim in �Crime Victim�s Bill of Rights [1]
      Revises priority schedule for issuance of converted tax credits under Business Employment Incentive Program [1]
      Revises treatment requirements for convicted drug offenders receiving general assistance benefits under Work First New Jersey program. [1]
      Revises �Electronic Waste Management Act.� [1]
      Revises �New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act�; establishes State Transportation Infrastructure Bank within NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust; renames NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust. [1]
      The �Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act.� [1]
      �Madison Holleran Suicide Prevention Act�; requires institutions of higher education to have individuals who focus on reducing student suicides and attempted suicides available 24 hours a day [1]
      �Rosa-Bonilla Family Act�; concerns development of carbon monoxide poisoning educational program for drivers [1]
      �Secure Schools for All Children Act�; establishes State aid program for security services, equipment, or technology to ensure safe and secure school environment for nonpublic school students [1]