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      Provides that nonpublic school nursing services may include nursing services for a preschool pupil in th event of an emergency [1]
      Provides that school districts must ensure that students with disabilities have opportunities to participate in athletic activities equal to those of other students [1]
      Reduces amount of fire duty required in order to receive exempt fireman certificate [1]
      Requires Department of Agriculture to post on its website certain information regarding State's farm to school program [1]
      Requires Division of Addiction Services to grant residential drug treatment program licenses to certain programs operating in State Correctional Facilities and county jails [1]
      Requires Division on Civil Rights and DCA to post information regarding disability accommodation rights for owners and occupants of condominiums, cooperatives, and other common interest communities [1]
      Requires New Jersey School Report Card to include indicators of student career readiness [1]
      Requires State Agricultural Development Committee to establish pilot program permitting special occasion events to be conducted on preserved farmland at wineries under certain circumstances [1]
      Requires a board of education to consult with appropriate nonpublic school representatives prior to any change in the provision of nursing services [1]
      Requires certain police vehicles to be equipped with cameras [1]
      Requires health insurance carriers to encrypt certain information [1]
      Requires hiring preference for veterans seeking position with State Police [1]
      Requires issuance of one free copy of a veteran's death certificate to certain authorized persons upon request [1]
      Requires one-time application for requesting services for individuals with developmental disabilities from DCF and DHS [1]
      Requires preparation programs for teachers and school counselors to include programming to improve student career readiness [1]
      Requires public school students in grades 9 through 12 to receive instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of an automated external defibrillator prior to graduation [1]
      Requires school districts to adopt policies concerning electronic communications between employees and students [1]
      Revises "Accountancy Act of 1997" [1]
      Revises certain laws governing police and fire interest arbitration; incorporates compounding in base salary calculation; extends two-percent cap on base salary awards [1]
      The Opportunity to Compete Act; establishes certain employment rights for persons with criminal record [1]