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      Grants immunity from liability for certain professional services rendered during emergencies under certain circumstances [1]
      Implements constitutional amendment providing for pretrial detention of certain criminal defendants; establishes non-monetary bail alternatives for release; authorizes Judiciary to revise fees for certain legal programs and services [1]
      Increases and modernizes solvency requirements for certain insurers and authority of DOBI Commissioner to regulate insurer solvency [1]
      Limits when bidders can be required to submit a financial statement in order to bid on a local public contract or county college contract [1]
      Parkinson's Disease Public Awareness and Education Act [1]
      Partially repeals prohibitions, permits, licenses, and authorizations concerning wagers on professional, collegiate, or amateur sport contests or athletic events [1]
      Permits Internet gaming equipment to be located at certain secure facilities in Atlantic City [1]
      Permits adoptees and certain others to obtain adoptee's original birth certificate and other related information [1]
      Permits alternate members of county planning boards to vote in place of any absent public member [1]
      Permits the incorporation of psychologists [1]
      Prohibits import, sale, purchase, barter, or possession of ivory or rhinoceros horn and items containing ivory or rhinoceros horn, with limited exceptions [1]
      Prohibits insurers from setting prices for non-covered dental services [1]
      Prohibits notaries public from falsely representing themselves as attorneys in advertisements [1]
      Provides for electronic scanning of certain certificates for initiating court proceedings for involuntary commitment [1]
      Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for development of Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery [1]
      Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns to support farm to school and school gardens and school gardens programs [1]
      Provides standards for, and requires registration of, home elevation contractors [1]
      Provides that crime victims do not have to pay fees to obtain records relating to the crime and that requests for such records are not public inormation [1]
      Provides that eligibility for NJ STARS Program be based on class rank at completion of student's junior year or senior year of high school [1]
      Provides that if a career and technical education program of a school district is taught in an industry setting, off-site location will be exempt from certain State regulations [1]