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      Designates May of each year "Military Appreciation Month" in New Jersey [1]
      Designates New Jersey Big Data Alliance as State's advanced cyberinfrastructure consortium [1]
      Designates portions of Route 24 [1]
      Directs the Dept. of Agriculture to establish a clearinghouse website for farmers to offer produce and dairy products for school breakfast programs, school lunch programs, and food banks [1]
      Economic Opportunity Act of 2014, Part 3 [1]
      Eliminates exemption from noise control restrictions for certain bars in Atlantic City Tourism District [1]
      Eliminates requirement that candidates file with county clerk duplicate copy of report of contributions and expenditures; requires each county provide link to ELEC on county Internet site [1]
      Eliminates voter registration and in-district residency requirements for certain petition circulators; eliminates in-district residency requirement for petition circulators for partisan primary nominations; establishes petition circulator criteria [1]
      Enacts the "Jessica Lunsford Act;" imposes mandatory term of imprisonment; provides for negotiated reduction of mandatory term under certain circumstances [1]
      Encourages the establishment of "breakfast after the bell" programs in school districts, public school, and nonpublic schools participating in the federal school breakfast program [1]
      Enhances penalty for leaving the scene of boating accident [1]
      Establishes "Best in New Jersey 'Farm to School' Awards Program" to annually recognize the best farm to school programs implemented by a school or school district [1]
      Establishes Equipment Loan Program in NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust; changes submission and approval requirements for financial plan [1]
      Establishes Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License, and permits use of certain gear for taking of menhaden [1]
      Establishes certain requirements for hospitals regarding patient-designated caregivers [1]
      Establishes durational limits and enumerates certain factors concerning modification and termination of alimony; establishes "open durational" alimony [1]
      Establishes four-year County Vocational School District Partnership Grant Program in DOE [1]
      Establishes the "New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act" [1]
      Exempts certain persons from HVACR licensing requirement; clarifies definition of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration [1]
      Exempts certain temporary farm structures from permit and transition area requirements of "Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act." [1]