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      "Christopher's Law;" makes it a crime for unlicensed driver to be involved in motor vehicle accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury. * [1]
      "Cigarette Sales Act; " facilitates collection of taxes on retail sales of cigarettes shipped from outside this State. [1]
      "Emergency Health Powers Act." [1]
      "Family Health Care Coverage Act"; reestablishes NJ FamilyCare Program, expands eligibility for Medicaid program for parents and adults without dependent children and provides for pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates for GA program. * [1]
      "Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act." [1]
      "Health Claims Authorization, Processing and Payment Act." [1]
      "Kinship Legal Guardianship Notification Act." [1]
      "New Jersey Advance Directives for Mental Health Care Act." [1]
      "New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act"; prohibits smoking in indoor public places and workplaces. [1]
      "Polysomnography Practice Act." * [1]
      "Social Services Student Loan Redemption Program Act." * [1]
      "The Domestic Violence and Workforce Development Initiative." [1]
      Adds representatives of county correctional facilities and county juvenile detention centers to Police Training Commission. * [1]
      Adds requirement under "Uniform Fire Safety Act" for one and two family residences to be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher to be enforced upon a change of occupancy.* [1]
      Adds two members to Water Supply Advisory Council. [1]
      Affords exemption from "deadly force" justification standards for police using less-lethal ammunition. [1]
      Allocates monies from assessment on hospital operating revenues to support federally qualified health centers. [1]
      Allows NJ Commission on Science and Technology to receive percentage of royalties from certain intellectual property awarded to those science and technology companies assisted by the commission. [1]
      Allows commercial nonagricultural activities to occur, and personal wireless service facilities to be erected, on preserved farmland under certain circumstances. * [1]
      Allows corporation business tax and gross income tax credits to businesses providing employment to qualified handicapped persons at sheltered workshops. [1]