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    "Blood borne Disease Harm Reduction Act"; establishes demonstration program to permit operation of sterile syringe access programs; appropriates $10 million [1]
    "Independence, Dignity and Choice in Long-Term Care Act"; reallocates State long-term care expenditures [1]
    Allows access to housing, public facilities and transportation for certain working dogs, provides penalties for violation [1]
    Allows all cities of the first class to collect property tax and hotel tax [1]
    Allows joint insurance funds to include treasurers, tax collectors, and municipal court judges and administrators under blanket bond coverage. [1]
    Allows release of sex offender information to DYFS [1]
    Alters phase-out schedule of transitional energy facility assessment unit rate surcharges [1]
    Amends - Law Against Discrimination - concerning gender identity or expressive discrimination [1]
    Authorizes State Auditor to conduct performance review audits [1]
    Authorizes a competitive system-wide franchise for certain providers of cable television service [1]
    Authorizes access to abandoned properties by electric and gas public utilities to disconnect utility service [1]
    Authorizes certain cities to establish a municipal hospital authority [1]
    Authorizes lease of farmed land acquired by a county or municipality to farmer who was prior lessee of that land [1]
    Authorizes mechanisms to abate graffiti [1]
    Authorizes the State Treasurer to enter a reciprocal debt collection agreement with the federal government, enables the implementation of the agreement, and the sharing of certain State taxpayer information with the U.S. Treasury thereunder [1]
    Authorizes the issuance of bonds by the NJEDA to fund State capital construction projects of $270 million for facilities for stem cell research, biomedical research, blood collection and cancer research [1]
    Changes funding limits for grants to local governments from hazardous discharge fund for site remediation [1]
    Changes various provisions of--New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act [1]
    Clarifies fees under "The Radiation Accident Response Act" are assessments against facilities, not operators; assesses nuclear facility operators for costs of State provided supplemental security [1]
    Clarifies jurisdiction concerning matters involving death or serious bodily injury and vehicles offenses arising out of same incident [1]