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    "Anti-Snow Dumping Act"; prohibits commercial snowplow operators on private property from depositing snow in public roads, streets, and highways or on public lands [1]
    "Caylee's Law;" upgrades penalties for failing to report a death; criminalizes failure to report disappearance of child within 24 hours [1]
    "New Jersey Trade Secrets Act" [1]
    "Pamela's Law;" criminalizes possession and sale of mephedrone and methylenedioxpyrovalerone, commonly known as MDPV or "bath salts" [1]
    "Physician Orders for Life-sustaining Treatment Act" [1]
    "Urban Hope Act"; provides a process to permit authorized entities to build, operate, and manage "renaissance school projects" as public schools in no more than three identified failing districts [1]
    ("Permits certain patient data to be reported to DHSS under "Health Care Facility-Associated Infection Reporting and Prevention Act" [1]
    Allows Eatontown, Oceanport, and Tinton falls mayors to designate council member as members of Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority [1]
    Allows MVC to process title transfers of abandoned vessels without court order; lengthens time period required for desertion of vessel to ripen into abandonment [1]
    Allows NJSEA to jointly run racetracks; conforms standardbred racing days to off-track and account wagering law; decreases thoroughbred racing days at Monmouth Park and Meadowlands [1]
    Allows all municipalities to sell and lease unneeded public property for urban farming and gardening purposes [1]
    Allows certain plumbers and Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contractors to perform propane services [1]
    Allows construction of wind dependent energy facilities on piers within 500 feet of mean high water line of tidal waters [1]
    Allows counties and municipalities to use open space trust funds for purchase of flood-prone properties [1]
    Allows for unemployment insurance beneficiaries to file, reopen, cancel or close claims online [1]
    Allows municipalities to provide free or reduced beach badges to active military and NJ National Guard personnel [1]
    Allows municipalities to reexamine municipal master plan every 10 years [1]
    Allows professional corporation to use or register an alternate name [1]
    Allows students with disabilities to bring service animal to school [1]
    Allows the parent of a public school pupil eligible for transportation services to waive pupil's right to those servicves for the school year [1]