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    "Angelie's Law"; regulates the operation of certain autobuses [1]
    "Autumn Joy Stillbirth Research and Dignity Act"; requires DOH to establish protocols for stillbirths, establishes stillbirth research data base [1]
    "Children's Sudden Cardiac Events Reporting Act." [1]
    "Higher Education Epinephrine Emergency Treatment Act" [1]
    "New Jersey Angel Investor Tax Credit Act;" provides credits against corporation business and gross income taxes for investing in New Jersey emerging technology businesses [1]
    "New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program Act" establishes Program and allows contributions on gross income tax returns [1]
    "New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training Provider Demonstration Project Act" [1]
    "Nikki's Law"; requires DOT to erect signs and use variable message signs to inform motorists of State law prohibiting texting while driving [1]
    "Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act"; provides student-atheletes, parents and coaches with cardiac arrest information ; removal-from-play protocol [1]
    "The Anti-Big Brother Act" [1]
    "The New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013" [1]
    Affords emergency services peer counselors confidentiality privileges [1]
    Allows SPRS members to purchase SPRS credit for prior military service [1]
    Allows certain business combinations between resident domestic corporations and interested stockholders [1]
    Allows certain military spouses with out-of-State teaching license to receive temporary instructional certificate in New Jersey [1]
    Allows certain students including undocumented immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at public institutions of higher education [1]
    Allows corporate shareholder meeting participation by remote communication and clarifies remedies for dissenting shareholders [1]
    Allows for the issuance of special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages in qualifying development projects [1]
    Allows monies statutorily dedicated to standardbred or thoroughbred horse racing purses to be used for benefit of horse racing industry [1]
    Allows municipalities to provide veterans free or reduced cost access to beaches [1]