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    "0pen Lands Management Act" [1]
    "A Fair Yield Tenant Security Deposit Account Act" [1]
    "Access to Medical Research Act;" authorizes certain persons to give informed consent for medical research if subject of research is unable to give consent. [1]
    "Act to Deter Criminal Activity" --establish commission [1]
    "Affordable Housing Act of 1983" municipal regulation of manufactured homes [1]
    "Affordable Housing Act of 1983"- mobile home parks-regulation and licensing [1]
    "Air Safety and Hazardous Zoning Act" [1]
    "Alcoholic Beverage Control Act"--statement of public purpose [1]
    "Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month" [1]
    "Angelie's Law"; regulates the operation of certain autobuses [1]
    "Anti-Snow Dumping Act"; prohibits commercial snowplow operators on private property from depositing snow in public roads, streets, and highways or on public lands [1]
    "Antique firearm"--clarify definition in weapons law [1]
    "Artists' Rights Act" [1]
    "Artwork Consignment Act" [1]
    "Athletic Training Practice Act"--licensing and regulation [1]
    "Automobile Insurance Freedom of Choice and Containment Act" [1]
    "Autumn Joy Stillbirth Research and Dignity Act"; requires DOH to establish protocols for stillbirths, establishes stillbirth research data base [1]
    "Barrier free" building codes--transfer promulgation & enforcement to Community Affairs [1]
    "Billy's Law"; requires DCF and DHS to establish regulations for out-of-State placements in residential schools and programs . [1]
    "Blighted" area-- amend defintion [1]